Working on Wellness

The purpose of the Working on Wellness (WOW) study is to establish a workplace wellness program at a dialysis clinic and to examine the effectiveness of a targeted physical activity (walking behavior) and nutrition program (dietary sodium reduction) in eliciting behavior change on the staff of the dialysis clinic. We are interested in the efficacy of the program to increase physical activity behavior and to reduce sodium intake, two key areas of focus for positive change in the dialysis patient population.

This study focuses on participants meeting baseline recommendations of 150-minutes of exercise at a moderate intensity on a weekly basis and to reduce dietary sodium intake to less than 2,400 mg daily. By completing the weekly challenges, the participants may see improvements on body mass index, blood pressure, and resting heart rate or other markers of physical health.

We are interested in the impact the program has on the participants; beliefs, barriers, self-efficacy, and knowledge as they relate to physical activity and dietary behaviors.