Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Students who have worked with the Renal and Cardiovascular Disease Research Laboratory regularly go on to graduate programs in fields such as medicine and physical therapy.  Our undergraduate research assistants are an integral part of the lab’s day-to-day operations.  Select students are able to work with graduate students in testing study participants, entering data, and conducting surveys.  These efforts can be put toward KIN 385 credit and/or the Undergraduate Research Certificate or presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

I am very grateful for my experiences in the Renal & Cardiovascular lab because I got the opportunity to work closely with undergraduate and graduate students, Professor Wilund, and hemodialysis patient populations. I learned about the comorbidities of kidney disease, valuable data analytical skills, and received MRI training. These opportunities have prepared me for professional environments I will be a part of in my doctorate physical therapy program and in the workforce. I look forward to continuing to work in kinesiology research as I progress in my education and clinical experiences.

– Michal Dymarsky

I loved working in this lab as it truly gave me hands-on experience instructing exercise programs for patients.

– Anna Klipstein

The RCRL helped to solidify my decision to pursue medicine and offered me great insight to a population of individuals with unique stories. I loved volunteering in the lab because it allowed me to gain great clinical experience and introduced me to what quality research can look like.

– Gabby Schweitzer

If you are interested in volunteering with the lab, please email kwilund@illinois.edu.